How to Start a Website/blog

BlogBoldly and make money with your passion, hobby, skill. @BlogBoldly.comHello and welcome! Do you dream of working from home and making money online with your hobby, passion & knowledge, and have your own website? Maybe you’d like to sell your art, music lessons, fitness program, crafts, relationship advice, dog training…

Whatever your passion may be, you need a Website/Blog that you can call “home.” Never has it been easier (or cheaper) to own your own website/blog and find a place to be heard.

You have an idea, a product, or maybe you don’t know yet how you’ll make money.. but you want to learn. Starting a blog can seem stressful, but you’re here to make this work, right?

Your Website/blog

Your website is your home online. This is where you’ll invite people to come visit you. This is the place you’ll grow your online business and make your income.

What’s the difference between a website and blog?

First let me say, that here at, I use the two interchangeably because they kind of are.

Typically a website is static in that the content stays the same whereas a blog is dynamic in that it’s constantly changing with added content. As you can imagine, often a blogger or online business owner has certain pages on their site that stay the same, while also adding new, fresh information.

So basically a website is the same as a blog.

Your Next Step:

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